Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last Challange for this month LOL

 I have been having a blast over at Swirlydoos and their challanges.. I got 3 to post this month!! As you may have noticed that I have dropped down to doing single pages. I still love doing doubles but the time that they take me sheesh! So I dropped down to doing singles so I can get more out faster.. Also to keep me from getting tired of one LO for so long.. Anyway I did 1 more challage this month this one was the "Black and White" challange by Miss Joyce ( she is such a sweetheart!). The guide lines was to use Black and White and one other color of your choice. I chose Blue. For the twist you had to use a none scrapbooking item. I used a Dragonfly key chain that my BF gave me. It use to hang on my camra bag and I did try to fine another one like it but couldn't. Well on the good side I don't have to worry about loosing it right?! On with the LO I am sleepy and it is very late here..

Oh yeah I forgot to add we had to make our own back ground paper. I did one behind the overlay that came in one of our kits a company called Kanban I cut off the name of the overlay and through it away sorry.. For the back ground behind the over lay I just used a walmart bag. The Background behind the pic I used the stamps that we got in past kits. The screen one is by Tattered Angles as well as the black flower stalk. The dragon fly is by Pinkpaislee. Here are some close ups of the LO.

This is a close up of the Keychain and the stamping.. Also used some Prima black swirls (love them) and the key is one of the cool things I found on my journey to find another Dragonfly to use. Found a bunch of small ones. Those came from a sweet lady at a local store in town called the  "Polka dot Rooster" she also had a bunch of cool things I may be using on other LO.. The title came from my sticker stash it is by Paper Studio. I have used this set before and love them got some left too!!

Here is a close up of the stamping and the blooms I used Prima (white ones my stash) and blue and black ones are swirlydoos that we get in our kits.  I also used a doily that I got a while back at Walley world. I really like using them..

Here is a close up of the bottom blooms and punching (Martha Stewart Punch) the black leaves also came in one of our kits... Fun stuff well I can't think anymore about brain dead! Calling it a night... Thanks for looking and God Bless!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey everyone out in cyber world! Got another LO to share with ya.. This was another challange that I entered over at Swirlydoos called "Budget Blooms". The title says it all.. No Prima or Petaloo, just flowers bought out in a regular store or craft store like Hobby Lobby and such. Well it is great and all to save money and you do get quite a bang for your buck! But let me give you a tip when getting these types of flowers... DO NOT get the ones that is plastic covered with fleltish flocking!! They are a bear to glue down!!! I promise! Ok here is the one I did using the "Vintange Fae" Yes finally a Fairy LO for my DD and also gave her some wings!

Here are some Close-ups of it..
Fussy cut out the fairies and it also came with a bunch that was LO ready! Added some charms and pearls as well..
The frame is Dusty Attic that I applied puffy paint to and Shimmerz (Mossey Green) to and it really sparkles out in the sunlight!
The title is a piece that I found in the craft store looking for goodies for the other challange that I will be doing for Miss Joyce.. I think that it went well with the LO and theme! OK that is about it for today more to come.. Thanks for looking and God Bless!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

** Demure**

Hey guys!! Hot where your liven? Boy it sure is here!! Got a LO to share with ya used my Swirlydoos July kit with this one "Vintage Fae". I had all ideas geared toward doing a fairly LO.. Well this one took a life all to its own.. Ended up using different papers that came in the kit than the ones that I had in mind. Ended up switching pic than the one that I had in mind and even didn't go with the title that I had in mind!! Like I said this LO took a whole different turn.. One thing that did stay the same is the piece I did using the "House of 3" Parisian Anthology resist paper.. I fell in love with the bottom section of the sheet! It was such a pretty design and I had to use it. I also knew I wanted to use a folding technique that I had learned long ago that Anna Griffen tought on a scrapping show that use to come on.. But those were the only 2 things that remained of my original idea.. Well enough chitter chatter on with the LO!!

After I spread out all of the wonderful papers that I got with the kit, I saw that the Kaisercraft "English Rose" went well with the piece of the "House of 3" paper. I altered it with puffy paint to give it a stucko look.. I used for the back ground a sheet of Pink Paislee "Butterfly Wings" that I folded (Anna Griffen tech). I also painted a piece of Dusty Attic in the top left corner and applied the puffy paint to it as well.. Then I used some of  Lindy's micas to color with and CTMH inks.

Here is a close up of the "Dusty Attic" piece that I used and the close up of the folding technique as well. I also used some pearls that came in the kit to give a little definition to the folds. The butterflies used was from Lisa G. she puts them up on the forum for us to use with our kits here.

Here is a closeup of the "House of 3" piece that I cut out and altered. Also close up the flower cluster. I used Prima (pink and mauve and leaves), Kaisercraft (blue) and the small roses is Swirlydoos..

Here is another shot of the bottom part of the cluster. Oh yeah I cut the swirls from Prima and placed them through out the LO.

The title well it was going to be "Grace" because in the picture it looks like my DD is praying. But that was a change as well. I thought to myself that she looked humble as well. So looked the word up and came up with the word "Demure" which according to means the same thing. It really seem to fit the whole French vibe I had going in this LO. The stickers that I used was from "colorbok".. I hope you enjoy and like it.. If ya do give me a shout out and leave me a comment! I love reading them! It lets me know that there is people looking and I aint just talking to myself LOL!!

Well hope to have more work to share in the coming weeks! Take Care and God Bless!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun Photo Shoot Day!!

 Hello everyone! I hope that everybody's 4th went well! Mine did.. I had a photo shoot with my DD that went great! She is a challange to photograph and most of the time I can only get a few pics that are good ones to edit and play with... Not today she did awesome and we had a fab Mom and Daughter time! Really had fun exploring places that I use to go to when I was young and were her Great Grand Parents house use to be... Our first stop to take pics was just a old gravel road that had a good shady area. Tried to find a old house place with some good texture to it but that was a no show. However the place were we got a lot of good pics was none the less that her very own Memaw Judy's. I edited all the pics with Florabella the action that I used on these was "Vintage Summer". I am hoping to use some of these photos with the new upcomming kit from Swirlydoos that should be in this week! Yay fun! Here is the result of our day together...

These 4 were taken at her Memaw's house.

These was taken on the old dusty gravel road.

Oh, I have a ton more but these happen to be some of my faves. I totally had fun playing around with Florabella on these. I gotta go for now but hopefully will be back soon to have a LO or two to share with you guys! Take care and God Bless!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

**** Happy 4th of July ****

Happy 4th of July everyone! To those who are in Canada, Happy Canada Day!

Here is a LO and a ATC that I have done to kick of the holiday!

Peggy over at Swirlydoos has me loven making these little dandies.

Here is a LO that I did for a challage at Swirlydoos.

Hope you guys have a happy and safe holiday!!!