Monday, March 14, 2011

*****Nurse's Rose Tute*****

I am sorry about posting a little later than expected. I hope you like it! Tiffany this ones for you girl!!!
Supply list
Card stock
Circle or scallop punch sizes I used was 1 1/4" and 2"
Tourniquet cloth or I think cheese cloth will be close.
Straight pins
Buttons of choice
Optional: Ink in a spritzer bottle to color petals. I used the CTMH bottles and ink colors used was Lagoon, Pacifica and Pear. I like mixing my own colors. Use the Create a shade Pearl paint to give a little glitz if you want.

Step 1 Circles
Punch 1 size circle out of cardstock for template. You will need 33 circles to create this flower.
Each petal will be 3 circles. The bottom of the flower will have 6 completed petals and the top part is 5 completed petals.

Step 2 Prep for assembly
Place cut circles in stacks of 3 for assembly of petals. I also used my punched cardstock circle as base
(double duty)

Step 3 assembly of petals
Take your stack of 3 circles and fold as shown and use a pin to secure after folded. Do this to each stack of circles.

first fold

2nd fold

3rd fold now your ready for your pin. Add it to the bottom to hold petal for arranging or coloring

Step 4 coloring Petals **optional**
Now is the time to color them if you like. You don't have to because the natural color of the cloth has a vintage vibe. I colored mine. I used the lite color at the top of the petal and dark at the bottom or were the center will be. On the large flower I used 3 colors. On the small one I used 2 colors. Let dry after coloring.

Step 5 attaching to base
Apply glue on base. Remove needles before apply them. Bottom layer is 6 petals and top layer is 5 petals. Make sure you stagger the top 5 over the bottom 6. Like shown below.

Step 6 center of flower
After all petals are attached then pick a button of choice to complete your new flower.
Here is all 3 I made doing this tute plus the one that I made earlier.

The smaller ones are the 1 1/4" circle punch. The Larger is the one that was a scallop punch. Here is the first one that I made.

Thanks for stopping by!! I really hope you like them. Good night to all and God bless!


  1. Love it!!!! can't wait to try it!!!!!!!!

  2. So when we gonna get to see some new stuff girlie!!! I'm waiting patiently!!!!!!!!! lol love ya!