Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 New Blooms

Have you ever had sooo many ideas rolling around in your head that you couldn't focus on the project at hand (my moms box whoops)? Ok so this is what happened.. This past weekend My DH was sick and I was totally pooped from a loonnngg work week! Last week I went to Walley World and did my notorious journey to the craft dept while shopping (this drives my family totally nuts)!! LOL Any who I found some awesome finds in the ribbon isle. Some ooh lala vintage looking lace ribbon and sooo many other different types that it had my head spinning!! Needless to say I got several spools of differnet types.. You gals that live close to a craft store BE HAPPY! Because my closest store is a hour away. With gas prices yuck!! So sometimes ole Walley World is OK.. Then I got one of my magizines in that showed the new Prima line.. THAT is what started it all I had some new cool things, prima, the sun is finally shining, the temp is starting to come up and I can finally see grass coming on!! WHoo hoo.. I know I am starting to get carried away.. But I came up with 2 new flowers! Now one is not made of any type of ribbon it is was truely brought on by looking at the new prima line.. There was one flower that really caught my attention. Don't know the name of it yet though. I used something totally out of the ordinary.. Hint.. ummm... you might have some on hand and so do hospitals.. Leave me a comment and let me know if you figure it out.. HEEhee
Ok here is a pick of the 2 blooms.
The first one I did was the rose.. I was thinking about calling it a rag rose but that sounds kinda gross and we all know that roses are not gross. What do you guys think? Here is another view.

So stumped.. Thinking about doing a tute on it let me know if ya want one!! Ok here is the other one made with the BEAUTIFUL lace I found.
I must work on moms box this weekend before she disownes me! Naaa She loves me and I love her!! Ok see you guys later. Don't forget to let me know what ya think!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Soooo Excited!!!

 After a long hard day at work yesterday I came home to some great news!! I check my email just about everyday for one reason or another. I got a email stating that they (Scrapbooking News and Review Magazine aka SNR) was gonna publish my card in their Magazine in March!!! Ohh my goodness I couldn't believe it!! As you can probably tell I am a LITTLE EXCITED! LOL So I did have to take my card off of my blog. It will be back a month from the 13th of March.

I do have 1 more project to do and it is for My Mom. I am doing a Keepsake box for her. Hopefully I will get some time to work on it this weekend and get it posted soon. Then on to the layouts!! I have a whole bunch of new supplies from CTMH that I am just dying to dive into.. BUT MOM comes first!! LOL

I also wanted to say a GREAT BIG THANKS to everybody that has posted wonderful comments on my blog and for all of my followers as well!!! I hope that I always keep you interested and happy.. See ya soon!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ok Here Is The Tute on The Sunflower

This is a long post. So bare with me as I like to be as detailed as possible.
Supplies needed:
Paper trimmer, Paper and Cardstock(for center holds shape better), Scissors, Quick drying glue(like liquid glass), Pop Dot, Circle Punch (I used 1 1/4 inch), Wooden stick to help shape centers.
Optional Supplies:
Ink Pad, Mouse pad or Embossing pad, Embossing tool, and Ink pen with large rounded smooth end.

Step 1 Cutting Squares
Petals: cut 8  1 1/2"x 1 1/2"squares, 12  1"x1"squares use paper for this or I did anyways.
Center: cut 19 1/2"x1/2"squares.
Base: Punch 2 circles with punch.

Step 2 making the Petals
Cut all 1 1/2" and 1" squares like shown below on guide.

Step 3 Optional Texturing of Petals ( I say optional because some may like ink and some may not and so on)
Take all petals and apply ink.

Then emboss in veins.

Then use ink pen rub opposite side to create a kinda curling of petal effect.

do this on all petals

Step 4 Making the centers
Use stick and roll centers as shown. kinda looks like a waffle cone.

completed close up

do all 19 1/2" squares.
Step 5 assembly of flower
Take 1 circle and glue around edges as shown

Then place large petals around one and small petals around other circle (note on small petals leave three small petals to add on top of small petal stack as shown below).

small petal assembly

add the 3 in a top side, side arrangement.
now add pop dot in the center of large petals and add small petals on top try to keep centered.

now fluff the small petals a bit all the way around to prepare for the centers to be added.

Step 6 applying the centers don't get in a hurry and start glueing because I have made it easier. You may need tweezers to help out with this part. Take 12 of the 19 and arrange like shown.

Now apply glue in center and litely push them into the glue just catching the edges. like shown

Now take 6 more centers placing them like shown into the glue puddle.

Now snip just a little bit off the last piece and add as shown.

Now you have a completed Sunflower! If you want you can add some chalk to pop out the veining if you want. Hope ya like it. Sorry it is so long but I didn't want to leave anything to be questioned. Leave me a comment and let me know if ya liked it. Or better yet become a follower! If you use please give a gal some credit for the work.. LOL goodnight all Enjoy!

Card I Made With My New Flower

Hello everybody and welcome weekend!! I have just finished my card with my new flower I created. It is going to My Best Friend in the Whole World Kat! Gonna post a tute on it this weekend (flower) but gotta get some sleep first! Had to come home and finish it to submit to SNR for the March calls. Well wish me luck. I was down to the wire on submitting it though and it was my first time doing this with them so who knows.. Enough with the chitter chatter on with the project!

This is the first time working with Acrylic. Took a piece out of a album I have yet to use and the back is out of another album I have yet to use.. LOL but they work great together.. Heehe. Gotta a dash of prima blooms together with the Close to My Heart blooms and My Beautiful Sunflower.

This is the inside it is a stampset from Close to My Heart "Beary Best " is the name of it.(That I had to alter a bit. It was too small for this card so I had to make the image a bit bigger). Also used a MS corner punch. Ok My room looks like a tornado has gone through it and I am pooped. Forgive me if there are major type o's! See ya in a while for the Tute on the flowers.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Hand Made Flower First of Many More I Hope.. "Lisa's Sunflower"

As I was stalking one of my favorite bloggers website this weekend in hopes to see one of her newest creations (when I say stalking I promise I mean it!! Every few minutes thinking maybe its up now, no not yet, maybe now, no not yet and so on.. You get the picture). Anyways I thought girl what is wrong with you?? You can come up with one too.. So I thought?? What do I want my flower to be?? Well I want to do one that reminds me of summer (because its been so cold and nasty) and my best friend (because she doesn't like winter either and I love her a bunch!). Hummm... I want it to be super simple that looks really hard, but isn't. I want it to be one that every scrapper or paper artest can make if they like with only the tools they have. That means paper, sissors, glue, paper trimmer, circle punch, pop dots. Yep and if they want to they can add ink or not. They could use a embossing tool to give depth or not.. Well this is what I came up with and will be using it in my next project for my best friend that I mentioned up above.
This is my "Lisa's Sunflower" she is the one that inspires me A LOT!!!  Scroll all the way down and check out her blog below and you will see what I mean ("What A Beautiful Mess" just click the link it will take ya there). Ohh and thanks Lisa for the leaves!! Did ya notice? So I decided to name it after her!! Next view..
Super easy to make!!! If you would like me to do a tute on it leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Or even better become a follower that would be shear AWESOMENESS!! If that is even a word.. LOL Onto my project that I'm making with this lovely little dandy.. See Ya soon!