Friday, August 26, 2011

**Blog Award**

My first Blog Award!!!
A fellow blogger has chosen to give me a Blog Award! How cool is that?! Lisa W. from Lisa's Loft of Joy gave it to me!! Check out her sweet blog HERE. Thank you Lisa!! I was awarded with it back in July and really just found out before the kids started to school and my life got a little crazy for a bit.. Well in accepting this said award I have to tell 7 things about myself and choose 7 other bloggers to give it to..

1. My favorite movies are "Pretty Woman" and "Gone with the Wind".
2. I like to read when I'm not scrapping or watching a good movie..
3. I like to take a nap still..
4. My family thinks my iphone is a perment attachment to my body! LOL
5. My family and my friends are my world!
6. Been married to the love of my life for 18 yrs.
7. I paint, draw, crochet, make jewelry and have played with many many art mediums..

Now for the 7 bloggers which are also my dear sweet Swirly sisters and also way way awesome blogs to stalk!!! LOL..

1. Lisa G. What a beautiful mess 
2. Angelica F. AngelicaScrappenings
3. Irene T. Scrapperlicious
4. Lisa V. A random on purpose life
5. Camilla Camillas lilla sida
6. Beverly S. An Altered Spirit
7. Lisa  The Shabby Hourse Cafe

These ladies are very sweet inspiring and way cool gals.. Hope ya Have fun visiting their sites!!


  1. Tammy--you are so welcome! I always love checking out your artwork here--you really create some beautiful stuff!

  2. You are as sweet as that Swirly Strawberry Shortcake!!! Thank you Tammy!!!