Monday, December 3, 2012

** A special Challenge from me to you**

 Hey all! I have something special to share with you today!! Other than the most gorgeous kit in the world that is!! Yes I do have a LO to share with you as well!!

 I really don't know where to start or begin with this post. This is a post that is really personal. I normally don't do much on personal posts and like to just keep things lite hearted and fun.. Today is a very special persons Birthday.. He is no longer with us and I miss him dearly. We all do in the family... It doesn't seem right that he is no longer with us. This special person was my FIL, we lost him earlier this year to a heart attack. For me Bud was a real life Santa.. He looked the part and carried out the part every day of the year not just on one special day. He was always helping people out and was the worlds greatest Philosopher!! He had words of wisdom for everything.. Once there was a trucker broke down on Christmas and would not have other wise been able to make it home to see his family. Bud wouldn't hear of it so he went and got him and took him home. Families that were in need of a bed or food, they got it without missing a beat.. So many, many great deeds and never wanted anything in return.. If you looked up the words "Random Acts Of Kindness" in the dictionary you should see his name there. For he lived this everyday of his life..

I got a text the other day from his sister and read as follows...

"We cannot make Bud Henderson's birthday a national holiday. We can make his birthday a special day that seems very appropriate to honor him and his life. We are asking EVERY family member (even little ones) to PLEASE do a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS on Monday, Dec 3rd. If possible 3 acts would be even better!! (Research acts of kindness ideas... these acts do not have to cost you money.) Please forward this request to your immediate family and friends, Thank you.
 Love you, Tonya"

 My scrapping friends are my family and have always been.. So I am issuing this challenge to you as well! Together we can honor a very special person and do something wonderful for another person..

Here is the LO that I did of him for my challenge this month at Flying Unicorn.. This photo was one that I was gonna do last Christmas before he past.. I just couldn't make things work right with it so I past it on and did something else.. Little did I know he wouldn't be with us this Christmas..

I felt that this PP was perfect for that photo.. It is the Pinkpaislee "City Sidewalks" collection I used a lot from the collection not just the pp.. Petaloo vine and flowers, and Dusty Attic swirly Christmas tree, Decorative edges and Frames. Available in the Flying Unicorn Store. Here are some close ups of it..

I hope you will play along with this family challenge with me.. He was a very special person to us all.. Let his light shine on this special day all over the world!! Thank you very much and God Bless you all!!!


  1. Tammy...that LO is a truly fitting tribute to a lovely man.
    It's evening here now but I will take up your challenge tomorrow.
    Hugs xx

  2. this is truely amazing every bit of it and it is a wonderful tribute page :)

  3. What a lovely tribute to your FIL, Tammy! He sounds like someone I would have liked to know. And the layout is just PERFECT! Love it!

  4. Tammy just a beautiful LO in tribute to a man who sounds truly wonderful. Without seeing this before, I actually did preform a RAK both yesterday and the day before, so easy to do at a nursing home :0

  5. Such a beautiful page and tribute. Amazing details, love the Christmas tree tucked into the peek.

  6. Emotive and missed memories, I had a kindly face, I have to tell you that Pope was born on 2 December and was also a wonderful and generous man. But already the day has passed and I think having understood that he was to make three acts of kindness, if so, I will make them, is a great thing and a great memory.