Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Playing with Chippies in a new way!

Hi everyone!!! Stopping by to share a little quick thought with ya! Ok so I had a thought.. Ya scary me thinking huh?! LOL I have thought on many occasions about how would I turn a chippy into a stamp... Not only could you use it for dimension on your creations but you could actually use it as a stamp. How about getting more bang for your buck! I think I have figured it out.. Just a couple of items ya need actually.. Cardboard, foam sheet (this protects the cardboard and gives a little cushion to the chippy), a chippy you would like to use as a stamp, and some gel medium, and glue.

Here are a couple of pictures for visuals..

The Flying Unicorn store can hook ya up with chippies and Gel Medium if you are in need of those things.. Foam sheets can be found at wally world.. Cardboard is pretty easy to comeby. 

Now to prep the chippy for use you will need to coat it with Gel Medium. Be sure your application is smooth and no excess in areas not needed or shown. Glue your foam to the cardboard and then the chippy to it. Ta Da! Ready made stamp.. Now grab some paint or ink and play! 

Oooo this is gonna be FUN!!

Seeeee I told ya!! Hummm needs more!

Yup I think it is pretty complete now ;) 

Just think of all those excess chippy pieces just waiting to be made into a stamp!

Got those wheels a turning now huh! :) Have a great day all!

Flying Unicorn supplies:

Tim Holtz stamp and Rub-ons

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