Sunday, January 30, 2011

Items Used In Project Below

I should have noted that if anyone would like to purchase a recipe box or other CTMH items that I have mentioned in the post below, can scroll all the way down. Click on the shop with me link or PHD badge and it will take you to my online site to shop. I guess I was so excited about showing the box that I totally didn't think about it. It has been a crazy weekend here. My DD has a pretend baby that she is taking care of and this thing cries, burps and coos just like a real baby. It even has a device inside that is recording how well she is taking care of it! It was up and down all night last night.. Then someone got the bright idea to dump not 1 not 2 or even 3 but 6 cats off at my house last night!! I live out in the country and guess they thought that my house was the perfect spot! My dogs went nuts, cats mewing and this baby crying and my dd was cranky.. So needless to say this house has had tooo much going on this weekend! Humm no wonder I didn't think of it till now... LOL

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