Monday, February 7, 2011

My Hand Made Flower First of Many More I Hope.. "Lisa's Sunflower"

As I was stalking one of my favorite bloggers website this weekend in hopes to see one of her newest creations (when I say stalking I promise I mean it!! Every few minutes thinking maybe its up now, no not yet, maybe now, no not yet and so on.. You get the picture). Anyways I thought girl what is wrong with you?? You can come up with one too.. So I thought?? What do I want my flower to be?? Well I want to do one that reminds me of summer (because its been so cold and nasty) and my best friend (because she doesn't like winter either and I love her a bunch!). Hummm... I want it to be super simple that looks really hard, but isn't. I want it to be one that every scrapper or paper artest can make if they like with only the tools they have. That means paper, sissors, glue, paper trimmer, circle punch, pop dots. Yep and if they want to they can add ink or not. They could use a embossing tool to give depth or not.. Well this is what I came up with and will be using it in my next project for my best friend that I mentioned up above.
This is my "Lisa's Sunflower" she is the one that inspires me A LOT!!!  Scroll all the way down and check out her blog below and you will see what I mean ("What A Beautiful Mess" just click the link it will take ya there). Ohh and thanks Lisa for the leaves!! Did ya notice? So I decided to name it after her!! Next view..
Super easy to make!!! If you would like me to do a tute on it leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Or even better become a follower that would be shear AWESOMENESS!! If that is even a word.. LOL Onto my project that I'm making with this lovely little dandy.. See Ya soon! 


  1. OMGoodness Tammy!!!! I am totally speechless!!! Your flower is so beautiful!!! It does look like summer!!! Speechless because it makes my heart so happy that I was able to inspire you. Sunflowers happen to be one of my favorite flowers, so for you to name your beautiful creation after me, is beyond humbling. Thank you so much for sharing this Tammy. I absolutely love it!! And yes!! I absolutely would love to see this as a tutorial. The middle of the flower is stunning! Very creative!! Cant wait to see more!! And Oh my!! The leaves!! I would have never guessed those were the ones!! Beautiful!!

  2. It is awesome tammy love it!!!! Need tutorial!!! plse!!!!

  3. Your sunflower is beautiful. Hurry with that tutorial! please