Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Playing with new Camera and Florabella!!

I just had to show you what I been cooking up... My dear sweet brother got for me!!!! He's the greatest! I was turned on to this absolutely fabulous site for editing pics in PSE or photoshop by Lisa called Florabella!!  It is wonderful for enhancing photos spicing them up a bit or a lot what ever your hearts content.. Here are a few pics of my son that I have taken during a little photo shoot playing with my new camera. These are also going in my next LO so stay tuned on that one!!!
I am having a time picking which one of these 2  for my LO. I know they are close but not the same. I used the Black White Flim on bottom and Black and White Vanilla on top.. These actions are the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok here are the ones using Ruby.. I actually got one of him smiling. This is a challange these days 13 is coming on strong!
no smile!
These photos were taken at my Grandma's barn. I love the texture it adds to the background of the photo. I noticed today that the storms we got last night tore down the doors on the following pics. I was even a bit worried last night we might just get a tornado. Thank the good lord we didn't!!!
Hope you like them! Let me know what you think.. In the mean time I will be working on my next LO... See Ya Soon!


  1. Girl he looks so handsome!!! he's growing up too fast!!! Great job!!

  2. These photo's are awesome Tammy!! Dont you just love Florabella!!Great editing job!!

  3. I have been using Photobucket for a while does Florabella compare? Great pics of your daughter, but wow nice handsome son in deed. I like the 2nd photo on the first, 2nd photo on the second and 1st photo on the third. You see more of the texture on the close-up on the 3rd picture on top. Great photography. I too got a new camera but got it from my husband. My man is so good to me :D. Hugs and GREAT job on the photos!!