Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun Photo Shoot Day!!

 Hello everyone! I hope that everybody's 4th went well! Mine did.. I had a photo shoot with my DD that went great! She is a challange to photograph and most of the time I can only get a few pics that are good ones to edit and play with... Not today she did awesome and we had a fab Mom and Daughter time! Really had fun exploring places that I use to go to when I was young and were her Great Grand Parents house use to be... Our first stop to take pics was just a old gravel road that had a good shady area. Tried to find a old house place with some good texture to it but that was a no show. However the place were we got a lot of good pics was none the less that her very own Memaw Judy's. I edited all the pics with Florabella the action that I used on these was "Vintage Summer". I am hoping to use some of these photos with the new upcomming kit from Swirlydoos that should be in this week! Yay fun! Here is the result of our day together...

These 4 were taken at her Memaw's house.

These was taken on the old dusty gravel road.

Oh, I have a ton more but these happen to be some of my faves. I totally had fun playing around with Florabella on these. I gotta go for now but hopefully will be back soon to have a LO or two to share with you guys! Take care and God Bless!!

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  1. oooo they are all amazing :) fun day for you both I bet :)