Monday, October 31, 2011

**Whispering Hope LO & New Blooms**

 Hello everybody! I sware I haven't been slacking.. I have been making new flowers, vines and a new LO!
So this will probably be a pretty long post. Hope ya don't mind because I have some scrap'in eye candy for ya!
 Ok, first I have been dying to show you guys these new blooms and vines that I have been making!! Have ya ever saw something and just new you had to give it a whirl? Well.. A while back while I was visiting a really cool blog I saw some really cool vines. It was by a very lovely lady named Angelica. Her vines are amazing!! Check them out here. I saw them and fell in love. I knew back then that I had to try to make me some. I got a few supplies and the supplies just sat untouched.
 Fast foward to a few weeks back. I got this nagging idea that wouldn't leave me alone. It was a new flower design that I had thought up. I gave into my thoughts and started making them. By the time I had completed the first flower I thought to myself these would look pretty cool on a vine. So that is how it all started... While I was making them I thought they really need a punch of color. I had inked them and just wasn't really happy with the color. Don't get me wrong they was ok and all but really lacked the umph that I was needing for said beauties. Well pulled out my Lindy's mica's and applied them. SHAZAM!! I mean totally brought them to life!! Once I started making and coloring all caution went to the wind!! I was a vine making crazy person.. Then I thought these would look really cool as flowers so I made me some of them in all sizes! A few of my fave colors. I have desided to name them after the things and people that inspired me to do so. So I desided to name them "Lindy's Angelic Sweetheart mini vines" and "Lindy's Angelic Sweetheart Blooms". Angelica was the insparation and Lindy's and CTMH made them beauties come to life! Ok I will stop running my mouth now and show ya.. LOL

 This one was the first one that I made. I used CTMH ink (hollyhock) and Lindy's Magical mica (Fuzzy Navel Peach) awesome color combo!! On the leaves I used CTMH ink (new england ivy) and Lindy's Moonshadow mist (Mystic Malachite). Everything except the stems started out as white card stock.

Ok this is when I started thinking make blooms too!! On these I used CTMH ink (twilight) and Lindy's mica (Sparkle Blue Reflections) got some close ups of each.

Check out the sparkle!! That is Lindy's that makes them just glow!!

 Here is the vine.. I made mini vines because I thought hummm I don't really wanna cut it up if it is too big for the LO. So with 2 pieces I have more ways to use them.
 You just gotta get your hands on some of Lindy's micas and mists!! I promise you won't be disappointed! Here is Lindy's Link and I'm sure if ya need a color of ink you can click the shop with me cart up above on the right and get ya some ink also.. But I am feeling sure that Lindy's will make any ink shine or they can also be used by themselves!

 If you gals out there in cyber land want a tute on these leave me a comment and let me know, or better yet follow my blog that would be out of sight!!

 Now for the LO!! Told ya this would be a long post!! Sorry..
 Got My new swirly kit in and it worked soooo well with my new blooms! The kit for Oct is called "Midnight Waltz" Very very pretty!! I loved the sketch sooo much thought what the heck I'm gonna do it and enter it in the sketch challenge this month. This LO is of a close friend and Co worker. She has been going through a very tough time of late. I called this LO "Whispering Hope" because through her I can see hope even if sometimes its just a whisper. Girl I don't know how ya do it but you are such a insparation to me!

The Glitz Papers and ephemeria was awesome to work with in this LO! I love, love the colors these are some of my faves! The overlay on the pic is Kaisercraft, pearl swirls are Prima, and the punched edges are Martha punches, Cardstock is Bazzell. The vines and blooms are mine hee hee.. Ok for some closeups..

The circle piece is DA circle (I colored white with gesso and added CTMH ink (sunflower) and Lindy's mica (Angel Wings Gold) then applied some tulip pearl paint) and the butterfly is the cool ones that Lisa G. gives us at swirlydoos. Next closeup..
 Closeups of the vines and blooms Colors used on the Blooms is CTMH ink (sunflower) and Lindy's (Angel Wings Gold) and on the vines is CTMH ink (Indian corn blue), and Lindy's (Sparkling Blue Reflections).. Next close up..

The bird is part of the Glitz "Vintage Blue" ephemeria pack in the kit we got for Oct. Last closeup..

 The wording is also part of the Glitz "Vintage Blue" also the Bird cage...

 Well thats it for now hope ya enjoyed a little of what I had to show ya and don't forget let me know if ya want that tute!! Girls gotta know that you gals are coming by.. Good night and God bless!!


  1. Oh My Flippin Gorgeousness Tammy!!! I WANT A TUTE!!!!! I have been making my own vines with my own flowers and leaves..Yours is just over the top gorgeous!! And the Lo is just stunning!!! And I LOVE Lindys!!The sparkle and sheen is unbelievable!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us!! Now be a good little girl and TEACH ME!!! lol...Love you!!

  2. I second that! NEED a TUTE!! Drop-dead gorgeous blooms and vines.... and I'm a huge fan of Lindy's products, too! Absolutely no other products like theirs... love 'em!

  3. Watch out Prima you've got competition with Tammy's gorgeous flower vines. Where do we put in our orders? :) :)

  4. Tammy, OMG, these are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i would love to learn how to make the flowers and vines. they are beautiful!

  6. Girl, you've been busy...those flowers are fabulous!