Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"My personal Flower Gardens"** OTP July KOM Flying Unicorn**

 Hello everyone! Happy Humpday!! I have my OTP to share with you today. When I first received this kit I was really unsure about what I wanted to do with these trays.. One night it hit me! Bamm!! I worked it all night long too, while I was trying to sleep.. lol They are not exactly like I had pictured in my head (which is a scary place to be let me tell ya!), but they are close enough. I was thinking of the vintage flower trays or boxes.. Ya know the old wooden type that would have a variety of flowers in it. Well the vintage part didn't exactly come together. The flower trays did! What my thoughts were that I could make up a bunch of flowers to use on LOs, cards or whatever I would need them for. I would have my trays with the blooms already made up and ready to use! I used floral foam, some moss and some Corsage pins. I first painted my design on the trays. Then put my foam in and laid the moss on top. Gave the back some flavor by adding a trellis and a gate. I used some DA pieces for this. You can find them in our Flying Unicorn Store. Then made my flowers and arranged them in. Nothing is permanent and can be used. That is what I was going after hence the "personal flower garden".  Here are some close ups of these boxes or trays..

This was the first one that I did. The painting is a little more detailed. Here is a side view.
By the time I finished this one I saw that time had gotten away from me so the 2nd one didn't get as much of a detailed paint job, but I thought it still turned out ok.. Here are some close ups of it..

I used the extra Corsage pins to border it all the way around just to give it a little more something..

 The painting technique that I used on these boxes is one that I learn a long time ago. It is called one stroke painting. I really love using it. I do paint other ways but this is faster and really cool to do! On this one I just used a pouncing brush and double loaded my brush with each color and white. Cool effect! Here is another view of this one.

I made over 50 flowers for these 2 trays, but not in vein, because I can use them on my projects! Hope you got some inspiration. Maybe make your own personal flower garden. You can use it yourself or share your gorgeous flower creations with a friend! Hope you have a wonderful day! Till next time!! Hugs!!!


  1. Gorgeous. Love the concept. Thanks as always for sharing.

  2. these are just amazing..your artwork and painting on the trays is amazing!!!! gorgeous flowers and work :)

  3. LOVE this idea Tammy. I am slowly working on creating some kind of order out of the chaos that is my scraproom, and I'd love one of these little gardens sitting on my desk!