Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 New Blooms

Have you ever had sooo many ideas rolling around in your head that you couldn't focus on the project at hand (my moms box whoops)? Ok so this is what happened.. This past weekend My DH was sick and I was totally pooped from a loonnngg work week! Last week I went to Walley World and did my notorious journey to the craft dept while shopping (this drives my family totally nuts)!! LOL Any who I found some awesome finds in the ribbon isle. Some ooh lala vintage looking lace ribbon and sooo many other different types that it had my head spinning!! Needless to say I got several spools of differnet types.. You gals that live close to a craft store BE HAPPY! Because my closest store is a hour away. With gas prices yuck!! So sometimes ole Walley World is OK.. Then I got one of my magizines in that showed the new Prima line.. THAT is what started it all I had some new cool things, prima, the sun is finally shining, the temp is starting to come up and I can finally see grass coming on!! WHoo hoo.. I know I am starting to get carried away.. But I came up with 2 new flowers! Now one is not made of any type of ribbon it is was truely brought on by looking at the new prima line.. There was one flower that really caught my attention. Don't know the name of it yet though. I used something totally out of the ordinary.. Hint.. ummm... you might have some on hand and so do hospitals.. Leave me a comment and let me know if you figure it out.. HEEhee
Ok here is a pick of the 2 blooms.
The first one I did was the rose.. I was thinking about calling it a rag rose but that sounds kinda gross and we all know that roses are not gross. What do you guys think? Here is another view.

So stumped.. Thinking about doing a tute on it let me know if ya want one!! Ok here is the other one made with the BEAUTIFUL lace I found.
I must work on moms box this weekend before she disownes me! Naaa She loves me and I love her!! Ok see you guys later. Don't forget to let me know what ya think!

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  1. Love it!!! You are awesome girlee!!! I definitely want a tute on them!!!!!