Friday, January 13, 2012

Lindy’s Angelic Sweetheart Flower

Supplies needed

Quick drying glue, Ink, Mica powder or mist of any kind, white cardstock, sponge, scissors, Floral sprays and piercing tool (not pictured).

Sizes of Flowers and amount needed of each is 2 ½ (x5) and 1 ½ (x1)

I used my Cricut to cut the flowers out. The cartridge I used is “Art Philosophy”. There are other cartridges out there with a similar flower that I used. It is a 7 petal daisy like flower. Some of the alternate cartridges are “Georges” and “Basic Shapes”. Here is an example of what you are looking for.

1st step Inking edges
I use a sponge like picture shown to ink all edges front and back of all flowers. Make sure that it’s (ink) a little deeper color than the mica or mist that you are using. Same color family though.

2nd Inking step

Pounce color lightly in the other areas fronts and backs. Do this on all flower pieces. Like picture shown.
All should be ready to add the micas or mists.

3rd Step adding your micas or mists and folds
Get 4 of the larger flowers to fold. The ones not used will be the base and center. You will fold each piece after you apply the mica while damp (this will lock the folds in place). Paint on your mica as shown.

Fold as follows:

Fold in half were 3 petals are on top of 4. Should look like this.

Now fold left side in like shown.

Now fold in right side as shown.
The back should look like a heart like shown.

On the fold side bend petals forward and kind of squeeze top of petals a bit to shape. Do this on all petals except back 2 go the opposite direction with them. It should look like picture when done. Do this on last 3 flower shapes. There should be a total of 4 when you are done.

When you are done with this step color your base and center. Here is what you should have and look like so far.

4th step Center
This is the smallest flower. It should be mica or misted. Gently curl all petals in toward the center. Should look like picture.

Let this dry completely. Then poke hole in center and run floral spray though whole. Should look like picture.

Then clip off excess. Leave a little nub for glue and apply glue to the nub. Then let dry.

5th step Assembly of Main Flower

Add glue to center of base. Then arrange each piece were all points are in the center.

6th Step Adding Center
Your center should be dry. Add glue to center of flower piece and add center.
You’re done! Let dry and have fun making more!
Note: On smaller ones I use individual sprays. Take 2 fold in half twist ends and then poke through hole.
On the naming of my flowers I usually name them after what I have used and who has inspired me. Hope you all enjoy! I will be doing my vine tute live at Flying Unicorn for the" Polar Bear and PJ" online crop. Please stop by and check things out! Its gonna be a blast! Starts Friday Jan 20th and ends on Sunday 22nd at 6 EST. Games prizes all kinds of cool things! Hope to see ya there!


  1. Fabulous creation Tammy, I love all the undulating folds, and the many layers make this flower look so soft and lush.

  2. Gorgeous flowers, Tamy .. guess I"d better get busy on some ..

  3. ooooo this is awesome and I have to try them :)