Saturday, April 5, 2014

My OUAS LO using the Flying Unicorn April KOM

 Hi everyone! Sharing my OUAS LO. Journaling is a tough one for me. Use too I did it on everything I did. I sorta just got out of the habit. OUAS has a journaling requirement, also a prompt to go by. This one was "A event that changed my life". So I pondered on many.. Yes getting married and having my kiddos was life changing..

 As I thought of recent times, the one thing that popped into my mind was my Dad. You see I am and forever I guess will be a Daddy's girl. That isn't too hard, but what is hard is almost losing him. I can't exactly put into words just how this changed me.. It goes really deep.

 I was standing at his at his side and was brushing his forehead with a wet rag. This is after he had 4 stints put in. He was in ICU, and had morphine for pain after the surgery for the stints. So this made him really hot. My aunt and Grandma was right behind me and she was holding his hand. At a very instant, I saw something wrong, what I saw, was something I don't wanna type down in words as this plays over and over in my head sometimes. But I knew he was going into Cardiac Arrest. I yelled loudly for a nurse and backed away. My aunt wheeled my Grandmother back as well. We just watched terrified, as they worked on him... They worked on him past the time that they are suppose to. Good thing too is because we got him back. This was just the start of a long journey that I walked through with Dad. He ended up having another attack while I was talking to him on the phone. Drove like a mad woman to get him and rush him to the hospital. Over and over again, my heart broke so many times from the near death experiences that we had, over the course of many months. I would be happy we got him back but, still scared that I could lose him again at any second...

 I can't explain what this does. I am thrilled that, I still today have my Dad. But something happened during those events that did change me. I can't explain how either. That is the crazy part. All I can say is that it did. But I guess this is the other side of beginning "A Daddy's Girl". It become your turn to be there. It becomes your turn to be strong. It becomes your turn for your heart to break when things go wrong. I must say, I never thought being a Daddy's girl could be so hard... Here is the LO I did of me and Dad. He was fixin to go into surgery and have a multiple bypass.  It was our selfie.. :)

Here is a close up..

 Most everything used was from the Flying Unicorn April KOM. I did use the stamps that came in last months kit.. I can't help it.. LOL I love those little dandies!!

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