Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WCYDW Flying Unicorn Shabby Adornment Flower

With Tammy

Shabby Chic Adornment Flower

Hello everyone! Have a tute today on a flower that I have recently made. I got my hands on some of the new and yummy Adornments in the Flying Unicorn store. Ya know I also had in my hands some new Lindy's Embossing powder and Magical in the Yummy new Collection "Tres Chic"! Here is a quick rundown what I am using..

Water in a mister
paint brushes
clear glue
Cheese cloth
heat gun (Caution metal heats quickly so leave your piece alone for a bit after heat setting it. Or you could burn yourself!)

Lets get started shall we?!

On this first pic I am using the Large flower. I cover it with gesso and while the gesso is wet I sprinkle the C'est La Vie Cerise on it and heat set. I use the gesso as the medium to hold my embossing powder in place.

Now on this next step I didn't want to use gesso as the medium to hold my embossing powder in place, because I didn't want full coverage just lightly in areas to blend in and add a second color. So I use my Stampendous embossing ink. Sprinkle the Chateau Rose lightly over the areas dabbed with the embossing ink. Then I heat set it.

Now lets play abit with the Merci beaucoup Mint Magical! Just get the end of the brush wet and stick it in the powder and mix on my craft sheet. You don't want it dripping wet just the tip of the brush damp. Then mist a little on your craft mat and blend.. Then you are ready to paint on the flower. I just went around the outsides and lightly in the center of the flower. Don't get excited about it not being light.. We are gonna fix that with the next step! LOL

Now mist the whole piece with water.

Take a paper towel and absorb some of the excess water. Don't wipe down just lay over it and dab it up. You want to still leave a taste of the color.

Now heat set it in place. This doesn't take long as it is metal and heats really quick. 

Yummy right?! On to the top piece!

Gesso the piece

Add the Chateau Rose embossing powder this time with the gesso and heat set.

Now use the Stampendous and lightly add in the C'est la vie Cerise and heatset.

Add the  Merci beaucoup mint magical as in the above step.

Add some water..

Dab it up some

Heat set it..

This is what they both look like together.. I also lightly VERY lightly dabbed on some white paint and a paint brush. Just too shabby just a bit more..

Now add a piece of cheesecloth in between the 2 pieces and glue together. I also added some clear glue to the center of the top flower and on the stamen. Here it is all finished up!

Hope you had some fun.. Got some ideas on what you can do with your adornments! :)

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