Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weddings and Petaloo

 Hello everyone! Tammy here today on the Petaloo blog to share a wedding inspired project with you. Bet ya couldn't tell from the title huh? LOL Weddings and Petaloo have something wonderful in common! FLOWERS! :) This month being June and all. It was a perfect match for a post.

 I am not sure that everyone has, or knows about a certain wedding tradition called passing the hat. Were you pay at the reception to dance with the bride. You put money in a hat and take your turn. The money collected goes to the bride and groom for the honeymoon.

Anyways that was well kinda the idea behind my project with the exception of a hat that is.. :) I found a cool Mason jar at Wally world and things called Jar Jewelry. Humm... How about a jar instead of a hat?! Maybe to even put well wishes for the bride and groom.. Or a flameless candle? The sky's really the limit on what you could use it for, so I started layering mediums and paint. This is what I came up with..

The project actually took twists and turns that I wasn't expecting (but should have). First working with the glass heating tools,  well they heat up the glass. So be careful don't burn yourself and don't break the glass. Now I don't think breaking the glass would be up there in the top, because it is a mason jar and well they are meant for canning. That gets REALLY HOT let me tell ya. Just keep it in mind. I did use a heating gun with mine. That's the reason the paint is cracked and why I have white on there as well. But I really liked how it turned out and was glad that it worked out that way! :) Love those unexpected surprises!! Lets get a closer look at the project..
All the flowers are from the Petaloo Botanica collection. I used the Teal blooms and White mini's. These are my fave colors! LOL Just love them to bits!
IMG_1871 Love cascading flowers! I extended it with a little bit of 13 Arts glass beads, and highlighted it with some Silks in guatemalan Green, and gesso. Super fun way to add to a flower cluster on any project. I also gave a light dusting of the gesso on my blooms. Just an added umph.

Petaloo Products used:
Botanica Collection, Teal Blooms and white Mini's

Thank you all for joining me today! Hugs!! :)

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