Thursday, January 28, 2016

Outside the Comfort Zone

 Let's get outside the comfort zone a little.. I'm gonna talk about art journaling a bit today.. Have a page that I have done to share.. First let's talk about that art journal book you have. I'm sure you got one setting around.. Unused unloved..If you don't you can make one really easy. Now to address your fears.. That white page setting in front of you.. What do I do? Where to start? I say grab a few bottles of mists and play! Don't try to create anything yet. Gesso your page first. Then mist a little here and there.. Maybe add in some water.. Experiment with them.. Then let your page dry. I have covered mine with some 13 Arts mists. I covered mine with blues... And just a little bit of yellow for a bright pop. This is one that I used on a mist review that I have done.

Ta Da! No more scary white space!! I loved how the colors mixed and mingled together.. Hehe I love blue! :) Ok Tammy what next?!! You can start with grabbing a couple of stamps that are collecting dust.. Yup color them. Pull out some watercolor pencils and play. I also added in some Izinks to mine over the top of the colored image. Love how those inks are thick and you don't need a lot to go along way! I don't have a pic of my images separate from my project.. But that is what I say do next.

Now is the fun part.. I wish I could insert a big ole smiling face here.. lol DOODLE!! That is the hardest thing for me.. I stepped out of my comfort zone and doodled. Use your stamped images to determine where you want to doodle at.. That is how I started my doodle process.. Your imagination will grow with it trust me..  Here is my finished project...

The seaweed is my doodling area.. Fun I seen some doodles on Pinterest and just went from there. There are many doodles out there to get ya jumped started on what to doodle. Here are some close ups. 

I added a bit of paint here and there.. Some white, blue and black.. Brushed on some of the white Izink to give the look of water ripples. Doodled on some little bubbles and the big bubbles is a water bottle lid. I used a Tim holtz Ray mask in the upper left hand side and dabbed on some Izink over the top of the mask in yellow. To make the Yellow 13 arts mist pop a little more.. Couple of more close ups..

That is how I got going on this art journal page.. Once the background is done it helps remove some of the fear of the white page. Mermaids are a little spooky but so is doodling for me! LOL So they fit!! Fun watching it grow into a finished art journal page.. Hope you play in your Art journal today!

Supplies used:

Uniball white pen

Tim holtz slight alterations stamps

Stampotique  Mermaid stamps and saying

Hugs all!! :)

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