Monday, March 31, 2014

A little Mixed Art from the April KOM Flying Unicorn!!

Just loved this KIT!!! I really adored the canvases that was in the Mixed Art kit.. Along with the gears and cogs.. LOL Just took apart a couple of old watches and got me a few more! This was a blast to do!!

This one is Freedom.. I used some of the white ink and mists that was in this kit along with the adornments from the main KOM to make these.. Along with some mesh tape, clay heart I made and some Prima Numbers. Tiny Gears are used for the birds eye.. I got these from a watch I took apart..

This one is Love.. Look closely.. there are tiny watch pieces everywhere!!

This one I call Hope.. Little bits of everything.. Gears a key hole I found in my stash.. More watch pieces.. Was really fun making these little things!

Stay tuned more to come!!

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  1. These are so ingenious and adorable! I love how you added in the watch pieces...very cool!