Sunday, November 2, 2014

Walking on the wildside with Flying Unicorns Nov OTP

Hey all! Stopping by today to show ya my OTP. It is really light on the decorations department. It isn't all flared out in yummy stuffs. Thats because I made it for my DD. She is using it for what it is a jewelry rack. I did love how the frame itself came out. It was delish! Here it is..

The center area I have the chippies hanging over the edge for 2 reasons. 1 is to complete the heart shape from the canvases below and mor real estate for her chandelier earrings to hang. The outside edges are reserved for her long necklaces. I treated the edge with some clear coat to help the finish on it last. I just love the look of it. Here are some close ups..

For the chippies I covered them in black paint 13 arts. Then I applied some silks randomly. I lightly covered the canvases with the colors from the frame and then I freehanded zebra stripes (first time don't judge! LOL). After it was dried I heat embossed with clear embossing enamel. Here is another close up..

For the frame piece I first went around the edges it 2 different colors of silks with my fingers. Again I did this randomly. Then I used a Prima Color bloom spray and then the colors started dancing together. I didn't stop this from happening. I sprayed a little more in different locations. to create unity. Then I heat set the frame. After it was all dried really good I used a spray varnished and sealed it. I used a Non yellowing kind. If you read on the can it should tell ya. The one I used was by Folk art. I have used this many times on my hand painted projects and it hasn't let me down yet! For the flower I also randomly applied paints and the Prima Color bloom to tie it in the project as well. Wha la done. Thank you for taking a peak at my project!

Items Used:
Silks- Snapdragon, Perwinkle
Prima Color bloom- Iris
13 arts- Black matte paint
DA Chippies
Manor House- White flower.

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  1. stunning and you know that I love me some purple, just quietly.