Friday, December 18, 2015

Just Having FUN!!

Hi everyone! I did some playing!! Yup just plain ole everyday playing... We got a wonderful AJ book in the Dec Mixed Art KOM.. I wanted to do another page.. However I didn't want to think about design per say or anything really. I just wanted to play. This AJ page has no commitment on a post I had to do, or surrounded by a deadline. Just good ole getting back to the roots and having a blast.

 I found a really cool class to take by Kate Crane (she really rocks!) and had fun. I needed something to just make me relax and let go. Her class did the trick... I am way to critical of my work. I will mull over something forever!! Which usually takes a major bite out of my time, usually still not perfect in my eyes. Even though for me these AJ pages are not perfect. They were fun! Even as I see it, I want to judge myself, and critique myself.. lol Then I reminded myself this was PLAY!! Not perfection. So the critique in me can just sit down and hush! LOL Kate's class had things I had seen/done before, and some I had not. Similar items that I have used, and some that I had not seen before. I love the whimsy to her style. In making videos ( I have done a few lol) hers really rocked! So I would say this indeed is a class for all. Experienced and novice. I give her a 2 thumbs up!  So onto my pages..

Playing with the BG was like Oooo I will do this next, and this, and is this too cluttered?!!? Ooo WOW this is bold!! Eeeek add white calm it down! LOL Drawing.. Well doodles.. lol I have a sticky note collection at work. Of just doodling.. Why does it bug me? No hard for me to doodle on a project?? I have sold some of my colored pencil drawings.. I have family who has a watercolor pencil drawing hanging in their home. Yet for me to let go doodle, and not judge myself, or my work is a obstacle I am determined to overcome! Here are a couple of close ups of each page..

The birds are a set of Jamie Dougherty stamps called Birds (Thank you Alda!).. Those was easy for me to color with some Faber Castell watercolor pencils. I love those dang pencils!! LOL Because I can CONTROL THEM! LOL So I guess the control freak gets to have a bit of fun too on this project. LOL The big bird spreading her wings is me I guess... Trying to shake off the, it has to be perfect self. The little bird is my controlling, nitpicking, it has to be perfect innerself. Just to be free and create and let myself allow it!

 Yup Art journaling has been calling my name for a long time. I have dabbled here and there. But for 2016 more I see in my future. This next year will be a healing year for me. I have toned down some of my DT work and will be ramping up playing. Lots happened this last year from illnesses of loved ones. To loosing my Nana. Who was a big time supporter of mine art wise. She has my first oil painting in her bedroom still. Ok here is a close up of the critic side of me! LOL

Thank you for joining me today! Allowing me to just let it all out! LOL Hope you all will hang around and join me with next year's adventures. Where it will take me? Who knows.. But I am gonna find out!

Products Used (well most of them! LOL):

Jamie Dougherty Birds stamps
Dylusions paint in bubble gum pin, Fresh Lime, White linen and Vibrant Turquoise
13 Arts Splash ink in  Turquoise and Pink
Izink in Geranuim
Dina Wakley Heavy Body Acrylic Paint in black 
Stabilo pencil (thanks Kate ;) )
Faber Castell watercolor Pencils and Bigbrush Pitt pens and black pitt pens
Uniball Signo pen in white (thanks again Kate!) best white pen I have used yet!!
Judikins Microglaze
Tim Holts Chitchat words and label letters and peacock feathers distress ink
Washy tape
plain ole white acrylic paint
Creative Embellishments Distressed Chevron stamp

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