Sunday, October 5, 2014

Flying Unicorn KOM OTP's

 Hey all! Trying to get myself back on track. I have had a whirlwind of things going on around me of late. That has had my scrappy world off balance. It really bugs me too, this is my little place to find a little piece of mind and just create. When that is off, well I feel really off balance!LOL So today I am Sharing my OTP's that was in this months KOM. I really enjoyed every single moment of creative time that I had on these. I have a extra one in here because our mixed art had this amazing box of Golden products in it!! Weeeee SUPER FUN! First up our cool Coffin!!

The side is Shimmerz Textures (Artie Choked) through a Memory box mask (Demask) edged with Tim Holtz distress ink in walnut. The top is layers of Flying Unicorn Adornments to create a cross. Then topped with a Creative Embellishment skull that I split into used a flower making tool to create depth. Painted with some black Silks for shadowing. The Base layer of the top is actually a sheet of G45 (an eerie tale) that I ran through my vagabond with a demask embossing plate. Added a area below the cross of molding paste that I used a Script stamp (LaBlanche) when it was almost dry to create more texture. To create the aged shadowing is the Shimmerz Coffee paint that was in the kit. For the other color effects is 13 arts paints and Silks.  I just kept adding colors and paints till I was happy with the look.. The thought I had in my mind was a bottle of poison and the coffin is where it was stored. Ok so where is the bottle you say? Here ya go..

I used the mediums in the Mixed Art KOM to help create the textures.. This is actually a syrup bottle that I peeled the label from it had a wax topping and cork. That worked perfectly in my plan to make a it a bottle of spook juice! LOL after I had most of the label off, I used tissue paper and the Heavy Gel in the mixed art kit. I only used the tissues in areas.. I didn't cover the whole bottle.. just areas.. Then layed down a thick coat of the medium with a paint brush.. Then layered on 13arts paints and Silks. I got the circle metal piece from my friend Doris Widder, Thank you Doris!! Perfect for my Skull adornment. I have saved this one for a long time. It worked so well as my now spooky bottle. To lend a hand in sealing those pieces on I used some Tim Holtz Rock candy crackle. The No.9 is Creative Embellishment alpha and the rope piece is from the Oct KOM that I distressed.. The Poison label on the box is actually out of the Authentique "thrilling" paper pack. Ok last OTP..

This is the really AWESOME Mask that was in the kit. I used the white feathers that came with it and completely covered the whole piece with Flying Unicorn Venice lace. I cut them in sections and glued them down. In places I added pearls and crystals. Added a bit of ribbon. I created the little dangle from Prima dangles and a cool hair pin that I have had in my stash for a long time.

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  1. I've been waiting for you to post how you did this! I really love the green/walnut damask on the coffin and your green, gobby (I think I just created a word) bottle. The depth of colour you achieved is so awesome Tammy!

    And THEN there's the mask! Oh my gosh... talk about pretty!

    Hope this month is a little more relaxing for you. It's no fun being in the middle of a whirlwind!