Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flying Unicorn Playdate Thursday

Flying Unicorn

Ghoulish Flower Tute
By: Tammy Henderson

Welcome to my play date Thursday! With all Hallows Eve quickly approaching I thought that it would be cool to do a tute on something creepy.. LOL So I am gonna show you at trick to treat your flowers with. Or this can be done on any project that you desire! 

Supply list:
Water mister
Liquid Frisket and Liquid frisket eraser- (Most important to get the effect below)
Flower punch or Die- I used Heartfelt Creations Vintage Floret

Now lets begin shall we?! 

1. You can choose to shape a little before, however it will loose it by the time we are done. But it does help with the final shaping bending and such, Not so stiff. I used 2 large, 2 medium and 1 small flower.

2. Now get some IZink in your fave color and splash some on here and there. I chose to used a reddish hue so it will look a little creepy with another brighter color.

3. Ok now give a good misting with some water.

4. Absorb some of the excess water buy rubbing color side down on your mat. This helps move the color around a bit more. 

5. Give a little distress ink touch around the edges in a coordinating color. 

Before starting this next part be sure your flowers are COMPLETELY DRY!! 

6. Now take some of the Liquid Frisket and dab some on each petal with a sponge brush. Not the center just the petals.

7. Take your Frisket eraser and dab with the corner of it the areas where the frisket is. this will pop apart the frisket and create a skin like effect. Be Careful not to over due as you don't want to remove the frisket. Just break it up some. 

8. Take some paint I used 13arts in white and brush on lightly. Don't completely coat. Just cover the frisket areas.

9. Add some Silks in a bright color. Here I used Key Lime. Go over the white areas. This is a glaze so the white below helps it pop the color.

10. Layer large to small shaping each layer as you go glue. A shaping tool or paint brush will help this process. Add a center of choice and wala a ghoulish flower is born! 

Happy Haunting all!

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