Thursday, August 27, 2015

Playdate Thursday at Flying Unicorn!

Hi all! Welcome to Playdate Thursday at Flying Unicorn!

Tammy here today to share with you how I use my Faber Castell watercolor pencils to color my stamps. Today I am using my most fave stamps, the Tim Holtz " Crazy Birds" stamp set! These will be back in the Flying Unicorn store Really soon so stay tuned if you haven't got your hands on a set yet. Lets get this show on the road!

1st. I stamped my image on some watercolor paper. This holds up really well with the water you will have to apply. 

Now I am gonna show you 2 ways you can color these.. I have used both by themselves and it works just fine. But you can use them together. 

2nd. Grab a old lid spritz some water in it. Not a lot as you will just need to dip your pencil in it. Think of a old fashion ink well.. 

3rd I selected the beak to color using this step. Just wet and color the part in. Deep color and sooo rich! These pencils are smooth as silk to color with!

4th This part I chose to show you another way I color these stamps. Pick out a couple of colors.. I chose to use the Red and Yellow. I filled from the outside in. Center is where I colored using my yellow and the outside the red.. The water will blend them perfectly for you.. Kinda looks like a rough childs coloring at this part..

5th Use a water brush to smooth and blend the colors together..

6th The next step I used a paper towel and dabbed the center part a bit to tone down the colors and add in a bit more of effect..

Before paper towel..

After paper towel

7th You want to color the black parts too! These are cool shadow areas but they need color too! 

8th Now pull out a white gelly pen and add in a bit of highlights!

Yay he is already to cut out and use in your project! Here is a example of one that I did using a different bird. I also altered him! Only imagination is your limit on these little dandies! :)

Sooo Much fun Using these pencils and stamps!! Thank you for joining me today!!

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