Wednesday, November 6, 2013

** WCYDW Homemade Gelli plate **

Hello all!! Welcome to another WCYDW!! Ok so the gelli plate faze is going full steam. I had heard about doing a homemade one. It sparked the curiosity in me to see if I could make one. So I explored the net and Youtube and found a recipe! YAY The lady whose recipe I finally decided to try was Shaz's. So I converted some of her measurements to teaspoons and cups opposed to oz. I saw first off my errors on how to mix (the Knox gelatine likes to clump!) and don't use a paper bowl for example. (Knox gelatine likes to stick! LOL) So I thought hey this would make for a good WCYDW tute! So here we go!! Watch the video and then come on back, because I have the recipe that I used right here..

Ok so here is what you're gonna need to make your Gelli plate! :)

Glycerin- 2x 6oz bottles = 12 oz
Knox Gelatine- 7 packs (small box will do)
Sugar- 6 tablespoons
Water - 1x 8oz bottle drinking water. MAKE SURE ITS COLD

2x mixing bowls microwave safe holds and will hold 7 cups
Container - You plan on storing your Gelli plate (Needs to have smooth bottom no marks or ripples)
Mixing spoon- If you're worried about the ones you already have (I would use plastic or metal ones)
Brayer- for playing later!


Get your 2 bowls out in one pour your cold water in and mix in your packs of Knox Gelatine. I did this 2 at a time till I used all 7 packs. Mix until no clumps exist.

Then get your other bowl and mix your sugar and glycerin together. Mix until smooth.

Now combine one bowl into the doesn't matter which way you go and heat in microwave until mixture is clear and hot. Pour into your container and let sit on counter for 6 hours. Then play! :)

Here is my projects I made with my finished BG's..

I got carried away a little with the tag on decorating it and almost completely lost my BG! Here is what I used on the tag and card.

Impression plates
Gouache paints
Claudine Hellmuth paints
White Gel pen
Jacquard lumiere paints

Impression plates
Prima circles mask
Jacquard Lumiere Paints
Claudine Hellmuth paints
New Venise lace (YUM!)
Manor House Ornate frames
Manor house pink roses
Prima flowers white- Abbey
Petaloo- wild mini Blossoms
Rose image - Pinterest
Bird and cage image - Pinterest
Shimmerz- cotton candy to color the seam binding

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