Friday, March 13, 2015

Guest Designing for Petaloo Featuring Authentique's Treasure collection

 Hi everyone! Hope everyone's week is going good! Back today as a Guest Designer for Petaloo to share a project I created using the Authentique " Treasure collection and my all time faves Petaloo Botanicas.
 I don't have small children anymore (sigh) and I don't usually get to have any fun at Easter. Due to young adults and teens usually like money instead of, getting Easter eggs, and dying them. Going on a egg hunt to find the prize egg.. Waiting on the Easter bunny to arrive and all of the fun things to do around this time. So when I received my yummy DT package I knew that I wanted to create something fun that someone their age could enjoy! That was a challenge I set out on to create! I did have LOTS of fun watching it come to life too!! I created a small Easter Basket that you could use as a gift card holder and if you wanted to put in a few sweets too! I chose to play with some Gorgeous Petaloo flowers with mine!! Here is a look at the project.

One thing that I love most about Authentiques papers is that they are thick! So a project like this really holds its shape well! It is actually very easy to make. I made it a little easier too by also including a template for the basket base and instructions on how to put together your very own to adorn!
Easter Basket Base
Just click and print. Standard size 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Note: I did ink all edges of each piece.
Once you have it printed out cut it out and score the inner circle. Next cut each line on the outside toward the inner circle. Then cut and remove the pieces without the dashes.. It should look like this..
This was my template/ mockup. :) Disregard the bent edges.
Next you will need to cut (12) 12 by 1/4 inch strips and (1) 1/2 inch strip (for handle)
Now for assembly of the basket.
Get two of your 1/4 inch strips and join them together at the ends to make it longer as a 12 inch strip isn't quite long enough to go all the way around your basket. Make sure you watch and you glue same side patterns together. Now weave in and out all the way around your piece so you have half of the basket strips standing up. Then glue the ends of your strip and snip off the unused piece of the 1/4 inch splicing piece. It should now look like this..
Now repeat the above steps for your next strip.
Keep the glued spliced areas to the back of your project and hide some on the inside. Looks cleaner. :)
Here is another angle of the above piece.
Continue with the strips till you have only 4 left and you are at the top of your basket like this..
You will only see just a small piece of the large sections and the edges almost touch. This makes it really easy to attach trim of your choosing. I used lace but you can use whatever you like. Now for the handle..
You will need the 1/2 inch strip and (4) 1/4 inch strips.
Start with (1) 1/4 inch strip and glue at a angle to what will be your inside piece and wrap around leaving space between wraps. It should look like this..
You will have to join the other strip to continue on down the 1/2 strip. Just join what will be the underneath side of the handle. Butt the ends together to look as if it is a whole strip.  Now you are ready for the other side. Wrap in the opposite direction. Join underneath and continue down to the end. Your wraps should look like this.. Mine is not glued down but I will show you my basket handle to give you a better idea..
Now glue the inner side of your handle (that you chose to be) at one end, then chose one of the large strips of the basket and run it down between your weaved sections. Then glue the opposite side the same way. The large strips should line up and just hit the center so your handle looks even with your basket. Get some trim for the top edge of the basket and glue all the way around. Easy as pie! Here is another look at the finished basket.
I used a styrofoam ball and cut it in half, placed it in the basket and cut a slit for my little envelope that would hold my gift card. I did it to one side at a slant. I used some spanish moss that I had on hand to use for the grass.
I used 1 Sheet of the Authentique "Treasure" collection, Virtue is the sheet that I used. I also used for the envelope and little bunny pieces from the Enhancements sheet. The Petaloo flowers that I used was the Yellow and Pink mini Botanicas and a few of the Chantilly Mix in Mauve and Yellow. I then added a couple of the wooden veneer eggs from Creative Embellishments that I colored in pastels to go along with the basket. The colors kinda is a wash in the photos but they do match! LOL The Bunny and eggs I used toothpicks glued to the backs of each piece and stuck them down in the styrofoam. Seam binding I colored to match too and adorned the center with the Yellow Chantilly bloom. That is pretty much it. Very easy and lots of fun! I hope you try one out! Here are a couple more close ups. :)

Have a great day and thank you again for joining me!!
Petaloo Product used:
Yellow Mini Botanicas and Pink Mini Botanicas. Yellow and Mauve Chantilly mix.
Authentique Treasure Collection - Virtue and Enhancements
Other supplies used:
Creative Embellishments Veneer Easter Eggs
Flying Unicorn lace
Tim Holtz Distress stain in Victorian Velvet

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