Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Guest Designer for Petaloo Angel Christmas Tree Topper

 Hi everyone! Back today to share with you my final project as guest designer for Petaloo. I made out of a simple 16.9oz water bottle. I made a Christmas Angel tree topper. Using the Authentique "Believe" collection and the perfect icing to any cake Petaloo Flowers! Here is the Angel we will be making.

This project was really fun to make and I hope you enjoy! Ok lets get started shall we?!

First I am gonna start with a couple of tips. Use double sided tape to stick your bottle to a smaller more manageable surface. I used a small cutting mat. This helps a lot with working with the bottle. The bottles now a days are made to collapse so the plastic is thin. This part will help when your project is complete because it will be a breeze to remove the bottom of the bottle for tree placement. Don't do any removal till the end. Also I painted mine at the top and added a smaller head at the start but replaced it with a little larger head toward the end. All I used to make the head was air dry clay. All I needed to paint was the head because I covered the entire bottle up.

 1st. The Cuts for the Dress portion is 8x12. I used the Believe "Tidings" piece for this. Save the excess because it will be used for the bottom of the dress. I also inked the edges of this piece with Tim Holtz walnut distress stain. Then misted the entire piece with water and glycerin trick that Alda has taught me. This helps the paper act more like cloth. Dry to a damp but not wet state.

2nd. Form the top part of the paper in a pleating manner around the top of the cap of the bottle. Don't attach just form. You will want to adjust so that the paper meets in the back of the bottle at a angle. This will allow for cutting and tree placement later.

3rd. Now take the dress portion down and build your bottom part. This is made with the leftover scrap. You will want to fold the paper to leave about a 1/2inch showing, then punch with your fave punch. I used a strip of lace to hang just below to give the appearance of a skirt. Then stamped with some stitching stamps.

4th. attach to bottom of dress.

5th, Attach to bottle. I used some Beacons to secure it to the top of the bottle. Be sure to follow evenly around the bottle as possible. Again leaving the bottom at the back not meeting. See above photo.

6th. Now to cut the part for the cloak/arms. Cut a circle 11 1/8 inches. I used the Believe "Adorn" paper for this part.

7th. You will want to mark a inside center circle 1 3/4 inch. Then measure from the base of the circle inside 11/16ths and bottom angels measure 5 5/16th which will be at the bottom of the circle itself. here is a pic to give you a idea of the cuts. Then cut this section out. It should look like pic below.

8th. I edged the whole piece with Tim Holtz Peeled paint distress ink. Misted with water mixture and let the paper relax. When mostly dry I attached some lace to the under side and folded back for the arms. You don't need to crease. But once you get the lace attach and arms folded back place on your bottle again before gluing to adjust to the size of the cap and even out the arm placement. It should fit right over the top of the dress piece without any needs for pleating. After you have this done then use some double sided tape and attach the arms on the inside of the inside piece. Before I glued the piece together I added a little piece of lace at the top to give a more finished look to the dress part. Now glue to the top of the bottle. Once attached I added some Petaloo Embossed Velvet Flora Doodles as a collar for the cloak.

9th. Notice in the above photo I now have the correct head size attached. I think it looks much better! The head size is about 1 1/16 inch. I painted the whole head with some gesso then just the front part with some 13 arts paint in matte peach lightly and watered down slightly. Then attached to the bottle and gave her some hair. I used some wool yarn. I separated the yarn out so to look more like hair instead of yarn. Then braided a little piece to go completely around the head and added a Petaloo Darjeeling Petite in Teastaine Green to the side. Of the head. Also wrapped a little fun yarn around the neck to pose as a winter scarf.

10th. I made the wings and attached to the back. I used Creative Embellishments wings I had on hand. Covered them with gesso and added a piece of the Believe "Novelty" to the backs of them. Before I attached the wings I used a small piece of cardboard attached to the back below the head cover with matching paper of the cloak. Then I attached the wings to that. It helped with centering and to allow the wings to look properly when attached. Instead of flat to the back.

11th. Final part of this is the icing! The Petaloo flowers of course! I added them to a Creative Embellishments wreath that I had inked up with some Tim Holtz distress stain in peeled paint.  I also added more of the Darjeelings in red and greens to the hair. On the Wreath I used the Darjeeling Petites in Red on the lower half of the wreath. The upper half of wreath I used Faux Dried Berry Clusters the red ones and because they are pull aparts I used a leaf from one of the green ones in the set and divided up my red berries to go on each side. Then Layered the Burlap blossoms in white a few more of the Petites in green. The small red flowers are Darjeelings mini Mix in teastaine Red. The larger green flower is a from the mixed textured blossoms in moss green.

Final look at the completed project..

Supplies used:
Darjeeling Petites in Red and Green teastaine
Faux Dried Berry Clusters in Red/Green/Burgandy
Darjeeling Mini Mix teastaine red
Mixed Textured Blossoms in Moss Green
Burlap Blossoms in Ivory
Flora Doodles Embossed Velvet white

Other supplies:
Authentique "Believe" Collection Novelty, Tidings and Adorn papers
Flying Unicorn Venice Lace
Creative Embellishment wings and wreath
Tim Holtz Distress ink in Walnut and Peeled paint
13 arts Peach matte paint
Gesso (head)
Airdry clay (head)
Beacons glue
Double sided tape
Wool yarn and fun Fur

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed and make one of your own!

Hugs Tammy :)

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