Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mist Review on my 3 Fave companies Shimmerz, Lindy's and 13 Arts

Mist Review
By Tammy

Hello Everyone! I have been ask by a few folks about mists. What to choose or start out with and so on. Well That is kinda hard for me to choose as I love allllll mists!! I do have 3 different company's I play with a lot so thought I would give a review of what I like about them. I use all 3 in the different mixed media projects that I do and love what each have to provide. 

The 3 that I am giving a review over are Shimmerz, Lindy's and 13 Arts.

These are in no certain order either.. As I said I love them all! They each have their own spot as my go tos as well! I tried to stay mostly within the same color pallet with all 3. Yellows, Blues and Green. 5 or 6 colors a piece for each company. (what I had in those 3 colors basically) All of my backgrounds have been treated with gesso 1st.


Sample Piece

Close up of my sample:

This is totally my feel on these mists. They very translucent even the darker colors. Which makes them perfect to work with if you are a heavy handed person, as I can sometimes be. I am not scared of overuse with them. They have none shimmery colors as well as shimmery. They blend very well with one another too. I have used them alongside other mist company's and never have been disappointed. I used no water with the blending on this sample. Just a wet paintbrush here an there. It wasn't extremely wet brush either. I didn't need it to be. I find these mist to be really forgiving mist to work with. 


Sample Piece

Close up of sample piece:

My thoughts on these mists. One of the very first mists that I have ever owned. I have many colors in these mist too. Pigments are nice, you can tame them down with water. The shimmer quality is deep with these mists. But also you can get colors without the shimmer. Blend well with other colors as well with other companies. Nice rich and vibrant colors. My most fave thing with this company is the shimmer quality and the Moonshadows. The Moonshadows have kinda a sepia tone with color. I love the Moonshadows lots! No water was used other than a wet paint brush for blending same as Shimmerz.

13 Arts

Sample piece

Close up of sample

My thoughts on these. Pigment RICH! I had to actually mist some water here. Power house on pigments. They blend very well too. The pearl has a nice shimmer. The chalks have no shimmer. If I need a pigment heavy mist these are my go to mist. They are almost, and I say almost paint like mist. I have to be aware of not overloading my piece with color, but sooo love the vibrant rich colors that these mists have. 

Clogging, I haven't had a single brand that has crossed my path that hasn't clogged on a bottle. It is very easy to fix. Just pull the tube out and clean the nozzles good. For the most part this works. Always shake really good as well the mica and pigments settle after they haven't been used for a while. Don't forget you can use a paintbrush and paint on the color as well. You will have more control over where your color goes. You will get nice results either way. 

Hope you found my reviews helpful in someway. Have a great day!


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