Monday, November 16, 2015

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?! Petaloo and Canvas Corp

Hello all of you Petaloo Fans out there in cyberland! We are teaming up with Canvas Corp this week! Whoot Whoot! I have a holiday project to share with you using Canvas Corp Burlap products and Petaloo flowers!!! I have also put together a bit of a how to make your own as well. Super excited about it too! Here is the project..
Well actually she is a snow woman! LOL A caroling snow woman.. But I went with snowman. She is a tall one too! Her height is over 16 inches tall! A bit of a challenge to fit in the details in the photo. No worries though. I have close ups too. I wanted to take you through my process on building her so you could make your own if you would like. So let's get started shall we?! Warning long post!

First I started with a Canvas Corp Burlap bag that came in the collection sent to us to play with. I started out using a Crafters Workshop snowflake stencil and misted on some Tattered Angels mist in silver sugar let dry. Then went back over the stencil using gesso then let dry again. I removed the handles and tucked in the corners of the bag. Here are some photos of this process.



 After I had the bag covered with medium and dried completely. I then went around the top with a crop a dile, and punched holes, and threaded some jute through, so I would have a way to close the top around the head. I used a plastic bowl of pebbles that I had bought long ago to use as a weight so the body would stay up right. I placed this in the bottom center of my bag. Then I used the stuffing out of a old pillow that was torn and no longer in use to fill the bag with after I added in the bowl of pebbles. Here are photos of this process..



 Went shopping in my hubs closet for a pair of white sox (shhhh He will never miss them :) lol ) that I used one to make the head with. Stuffing in more stuffing in the bottom of the sox about half way. Tied a knot in the center and finished stuffing the rest of the way. Using a rubber band closed off the end. I used tacky glue to seal the edges of the sox flat laying the edges to hide the rubber band. Then placed the stuffed sox halfway leaving one stuffed part out of the bag and one in. I packed a little more stuffing around the inside piece and pulled the jute really tight and tied in a knot sealing off the bag so that only the top part of the stuffed sox stuck out.  Wha la Head and body! Here is a pic of what the finished sox piece looked like after stuffing it.


 Now I have a body and head I needed some arms. Went shopping outside for the perfect sticks for this part. Was easy to find some we had a storm come through the night before and there was plenty to choose from! LOL I matched up the sizes and placed them at each side of the stuffed bag to see where the holes for the arms would need to go. Using a xacto knife cut the seam a little to poke my stick through the hole and sealed with some tacky glue to lock them in ( the gluing came later as I didn't quite know how I wanted my arms to look). Here is a photo of this..


Time to work a bit on the face. The 2 eyes are small black buttons that I threaded through. The cheeks was done with pink chalk and the mouth is a strand of the burlap that I pulled out of a sheet of burlap. The nose was made of a little rectangle of canvas from a canvas sheet from Canvas Corp. Love all the cool sheets of colored burlap and canvas that they have! The nose was colored using mist in orange and a orange marker to add in a bit more color. Then I glued down one edge of the colored canvas and made a cone like shape and sealed together. I pushed in the edges so I would have a flat bottom to the cone and glued to the face. Here are a few pics of the nose process..





The face looked pretty good, but I needed a hat! So I grabbed a sheet of burlap that match the body and made a little sock hat.. This was easy as pie to make. I first pulled out about a inch of horizontal strands of burlap from the sheet. Then added glue to one edge going up and down from the loose strands part. Rolling over so the glue would glue the opposite side outer edge. At this point it kinda looks like a tube. I let the tacky glue dry well before moving on. After the tacky glue was dry I cuffed the end that I didn't have loose strands on, about a inch on the cuff part. Gathered the end that had the loose strands and tied a piece of jute around this end and tied in a bow. Finished the piece off with a bit of Petaloo trim in Ivory lace around the top part of the cuff. Wha la a hat! Here is a few photos of the hat process..

I added some more of the Wide Lace as a scarf around the neck and added a big bow to the center of the tied part. Big buttons was glued down the center of the body piece with a little bit of the twine through the holes of the buttons. Here is what she looks like plain and no frills.. Over look my messy desk please.. lol Creativity in process here! :)

 I thought the sticks looked like a song leaders hands of a choir and that is what made me think to make her a caroler. The sticks I did glue them last so I could shift to match whatever I wanted to do with them. So I made a song book out of a red sheet of burlap, some cardstock and some sheets of paper. Stamped the outside of the book with some Christmas stamps and snowflake swirls as borders. The inside of the song book was stamped with a music note stamp from Creative Embellishments and some Christmas song titles from my stash (CTMH).

Then the final touches of Yummy Petaloo Picks, Burlap Poinsettias in red and white. The white ones I misted with some Tattered Angels in Sheer Tangy lime. More Petaloo DIY Burlap flowers in Ivory and a butterfly that I also misted green. Final dressing was with Creative Embellishment snowflake chippies, Gesso and Aleene's true snow. For a wintery look to my caroling snow woman. Here is some close ups of the details to the finished piece..


I did add in a little more of the Jute for lips to look like she was singing. :)



Thank you so much for joining me today! Hope you enjoyed and had fun! :)

Petaloo Products used:
Red Burlap Poinsettias
DIY White Poinsettias
DIY Burlap Blossoms
Pine Cone Picks with berries
Fancy trims Ivory Lace

Canvas Corp Products Used:
Burlap Bag
Burlap Sheet
Red Burlap Sheet
Canvas Sheet
Tattered Angels Mist

Other Products Used:
Creative Embellishments Snowflake chippies
Creative Embellishments Grunge Music Sheet
CTMH stamps
13 Arts White and Silver paint
Aleene's True Snow

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